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Empower Users to Interact with Your Brand in Ways They Never Have Before


The time that consumers spend interacting with media has fractured across different platforms, with time spent with traditional media decreasing as time spent on digital media rises exponentially.This shift has made it increasingly hard for brands to engage with consumers. At StartApp, we work with brands to develop high-impact strategies to amplify brand engagement and awareness where today’s high-value consumers spend most of their time on mobile.



Stay ahead of the curve and develop new ways to drive traffic to your brand. Chat bots, stickers, emojis, instant games, and more facilitate brand engagement, encourage positive interactions between users, and introduce new revenue streams in the growing economy of social & messaging apps.


Data Insights

StartApp will help you identify the characteristics, behavior, and preferences of your highest-quality customers using over 300 key social data/user affinity insights from StartApp SODA and leveraging our database over of 1.2 billion global mobile users. Using these insights, we'll help you target similar consumers to increase brand awareness with new audiences at key moments.

User Acquisition& Monetization

Optimize your mobile advertising goals with StartApp Brains & Beauty. A dedicated account management team will help you build targeting strategies at the user-level, evaluate campaigns with advanced analytics, and create unique creatives designed in house to help you reach your target audience.

Virtual Reality

The next frontier of consumer technology gives you the opportunity to showcase innovative, interactive, and completely immersive brand experiences. StartApp Immerse works with you to show users a side of your brand they have never had the opportunity to see before.


StartApp Digital Content can help you amplify brandawareness and engage todays mobile consumer
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