Data Scientist

What is the position about?

Our team is looking for brilliant data scientists that are passionate about data and solving complex problems.

The data science optimization team develops systems that affect the entire business funnel. Our long term vision is to change the shape of online advertisement, switching it from “spam” to real value for the user, using machine learning to enable decision making of every aspect of the product in real time.

Our systems are not decision supporting, but rather decision making. We develop top notch algorithms with consistent quality, high availability, resiliency and scale that manage tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of million users.

The team is composed of experienced mathematicians, researchers and developers, working together to create products that make a substantial impact on the business of the company.


  • Research, design, implement, and evaluate advanced statistical/ML/optimization/game theory models to solve our complex business scenarios.
  • Write production quality code while implementing your own ideas.
  • Work alongside business, developers and product managers from across the organization to generate autonomous systems that can win in production A/B tests.
  • Responsible for identifying the data we should be collecting, devising methods of instrumenting our system to extract this information and algorithm implementation.




  • Master’s Degree or PhD in Data Science, Computer Science, Engineering or Statistics
  • At least two years of experience as a data scientist
  • Strong knowledge of statistical modeling techniques and machine learning (knowledge of libraries (scikit, tensorflow, h20, sparkML, scalaNLP, etc)
  • Strong in at least one language Python/Scala
  • Very strong problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Analytical ability to translate business requirements into a technical solution
  • Team player, Ability to handle several tasks simultaneously

Big plus

  • highly experienced in Spark, Vertica, Hadoop, and other data technologies
  • Experience with ‘Big Data’ technologies / tools (Spark, SystemML, Elastic search, Yarn, Mesos, H2O, Edward)
  • Experience working with open source products
  • knowledge in mathematical framework (deep learning, regression methods, non-constrained optimization etc.,)
  • experience with large scale/distributed systems in production
  • Academic level knowledge of statistics
  • Experience of work with GPU
  • Experience in an online company