Will AR Wearables Replace the iPhone?


“After years of being one of the most widely read and quoted Apple analysts on Wall Street, Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster on Friday released his final research note on the company,” Recode reports.

Munster is heading for a new career in venture capital and his final piece as an analyst is quite bullish on virtual reality.

Writes Munster:

“The smartphone remains the world’s window to augmented reality today. While this will change driven by augmented and mixed reality hardware in the future, we would expect the next five years of AR innovation will happen mainly through the device in our pockets.”

He adds that the phone is going to get various new sensors but over the longer term (more than five years out), he believes “Apple could develop some type of AR or MR wearable that ultimately replaces the smartphone.”

For those who want to follow Munster, his new company Loup Ventures has a placeholder site here.

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