Virtual Goods: Path to Revenue?


We reported recently on the growth of virtual goods, particularly as part of virtual reality experiences.

While we touched on the revenue generation opportunities in that post, an article in Inc. delivers additional information.

The piece is titled “How to Make Real Money From Virtual Things,” and it outlines “From Bitcoin to Kimoji, there’s a whole new economy of intangible goods ready for your business to sell.”

One of the key ways listed: “Stickers and emoji: Replace words with pictures”

The post stated: “You probably already fill some of your text messages with emoji, those digital images that range from sad faces and broken hearts to suggestive produce and party hats. Their more commercial cousins are “stickers,” which can be tailored to specific events, brands, or people–like the wildly successful Kardashian line, which made more than $2.8 million in global revenue in 2016, according to market researcher Sensor Tower.”

One thing to keep in mind: “So many app makers get involved only once they have a paying client on board–usually a company or a celebrity who commissions stickers and the related “keyboard” technology.”

Interesting advice the piece reports: “Move quickly to strike distribution deals with big messaging services, such as Line, Kik, or WeChat. Those third parties may pay to license your content, which they can then distribute to their hundreds of millions of users.”

Another way the piece outlines for generating revenue through virtual goods: Mobile Gaming.

It states: “If you’ve designed and published a mobile game, you might expect to earn about $25 per paying player per month from in-app sales, according to mobile marketing company Swrve.”

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