US Adults Spend Half over Their Daily Media Time on Digital


A new report by eMarketer has highlighted the impact of the multi-screen experience on US media consumers. As more users begin to multi-task on mobile while consuming other forms media, total media time has continued to rise according to eMarketer’s metrics despite the number of hours in the day remaining the same.

In total, the report found that US adults spend slightly over 12 hours per day consuming media. Of those 12 hours, 6 are spent with digital media – as opposed to more traditional media like TV and print. This marks a 24 minute increase since 2012.

In addition to an increase in non-visual media consumption on mobile, like podcasts and ebooks, consumers are also spending much more time with attention-intensive mobile games and streaming video. Overall, time spend with mobile media has increased by more than an hour since 2013.

Notably, a lot of this consumption of digital is happening in tandem with the consumption of traditional media. Consumers will turn to a digital device even when watching TV to engage on social media, check messages, or otherwise distract themselves during commercial breaks.

This is something that brands & marketers will need to keep an eye on. eMarketer predicts that the continued increase of “second screening”, cord-cutting, and digital video streaming will mean time spent with TV will continue to be cannibalized by digital. In addition, consumer’s fracturing attention will mean brands need to work even harder to deliver experiences that can capture user interest in the spaces they spend the most time.

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