Updated Android and iOS SDKs now available

With 2019 in full swing, it’s a perfect time to update our SDK. Both Android and iOS SDKs were updated recently with many great new features made to increase your revenue.   

What’s new in the SDKs? 

Easier Native ads integration 

Now it’s even easier for you to integrate native ads. The SDK will automatically log impressions and clicks from Native Ads. This change enables more premium campaigns to be shown in the native ad placement, enabling a wider variety of campaigns and higher eCPMs. 

We recommend that you review the android documentation and iOS documentation in order to properly migrate and update the new integration.

Coming Soon: Unified Unity SDK 

Our separate ios and android unity plugins have been combined into one unified unity plugin.  You can integrate StartApp ads one time for your multiplatform Unity apps. The new unity plugin will be available for download on the unity plugin store and the StartApp Portal very soon.

How can you download the new SDK? 

You can download both the iOS and Android SDKs now in the resource center of the StartApp portal. 

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