Track your CPA goals easily in the Advertiser Portal


A new feature has been added to help you measure your goal achievement for each campaign. It allows you to easily monitor your actual cost per install, by color (according to a CPA goal you insert in the bid and budget section).

Using this tool helps you to improve your performance and getting the CPC & CPM traffic you want, at the price you want.

Here’s how you set it up CPA goal range:

Define your ROI goal by inserting your CPA goal.

For example, the screenshot below shows a CPC campaign.  You now have the option of putting in a goal for the Cost per Action (circled in red) in the Budget & Bid section.  In this example, the CPA goal is $0.69


This is available in the Reports Section:

After setting your CPA goal, you will be able to monitor your results by color.

Color’s range can be set as follows :

Green – for values that are under a specified percentage of your goal

Yellow (optional for use) – for values that are within your defined goal  (+/-  X%  of your goal deviation)

Red – for values that are X% over your goal

If you decide not to adjust the values,  the percentages are automatically set to these default values:

Green– 0% – 100% under or equal to the goal

Yellow – 101% – 110% above the goal

Red – 111% and above the goal

Below, you can see a daily report for a campaign in custom reports.  This campaign has a CPA goal of $0.69   This report used the default values and got a range of colors for the CPA. The colors allows you to track the performance according to the inserted goal.

All the values that are under or equal to the goal are colored green, all the values that are 101% – 110% above the goal are colored yellow and all the values that are 111% and above the goal are colored red.

This feature is now available on the Advertiser portal.  Don’t have an account yet?  Click here to register.

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