Splash ad: Discover StartApp’s top performing ad unit


A Splash Ad is a full-page interstitial ad that is displayed immediately after the application is launched. A Splash Ad first displays a full-page splash screen that you define (for example your app’s logo or branding) followed by a full page ad. There is only one unique ad impression per every single app launch an ad stays for maximum 6 seconds with the option for users to click on the Close Ad button.

You can see an example below:

A look at the numbers

StartApp’s Splash ads present the highest CPM in StartApp network. As you can see below, Splash’s eCPM is 84% higher than the Interstial’s eCPM. If you are earning $100 with the interstitial ad type, you will be able to earn $184 with the Splash ads!

splash ad ecpm

How to integrate the Splash Ad and customize it?

The Splash Ad is enabled by default. If you’ve disabled it in the past and want to test it, simply remove the call StartAppAd.disableSplash() after calling StartAppSDK.init. Read full instructions.

StartApp In-Ad provides two modes for displaying splash screens – Template and User-defined. The template splash screen is a pre-defined template in which you can place your own creatives, such as application name, logo and loading animation, as described below. If you want to use your own splash screen, you can provide it as a layout, using the user-defined mode. To read the full instructions, refer to Customizing the Splash Screen.

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