Take A Look At Our First Mobile VR Ad Campaign!


We are excited to announce the launch of our very first ad campaign designed exclusively for mobile virtual reality!

In the last few years, virtual reality has finally begun to find a foothold in the tech world. While most of the interest surrounding virtual reality has focused on large, console-supported headsets and elaborate VR gaming rigs, a more inclusive VR ecosystem has been growing exclusively on mobile. Most interestingly, the mobile VR industry is attracting users who otherwise would not be interested in higher-end virtual reality, much like how mobile gaming attracts users who are not traditional gamers

This led us to start brainstorming ways to adapt our advertising solutions to help mobile VR publishers integrate a revenue stream into their VR titles to enable them to use a free-to-play monetization strategy.

Since most mobile VR users come from a mobile background, they have grown to expect that (most) mobile content should be free. Without a way to integrate other revenue streams to their VR titles, mobile VR publishers were struggling to support their development costs without charging per download for their applications (a strategy that can earn reliable revenue but discourages most users)

This is where we at StartApp come in–

Last week, we launched our first live mobile VR campaign in exclusive partnership with Fibrum, the largest VR application developer in mobile. We hope it will pave the way for mobile VR publishers to begin monetizing their games and apps without needing to charge users to download.

Says StartApp’s Director of Virtual Reality Ariel Shimoni:

“When we started designing our first VR ads we knew right off the bat that they needed to be as immersive and captivating as the content the user is consuming. Instead of the flat and static banner ads that we’re used to, VR ads needed to be designed as a full 360-degree experience; otherwise, the effects of VR would be completely lost. We spent a long time fine-tuning every aspect of these advertisements to make the user experience as strong as possible; we couldn’t be more excited to see the user response.”

View a demo of our ad campaign below!

See the campaign live in Fibrum’s Roller Coaster VR Attraction application on Google Play!

About Fibrum

Founded in 2014, Fibrum is dedicated to the creation of a global platform of virtual reality.  Known in the world market as the largest developer of virtual reality applications, Fibrum currently offers over 25 virtual reality apps on Google Play, the App Store, and the Windows Store, and has more than 5.5 million global downloads. In addition, Fibrum manufactures its own VR hardware: the Fibrum Pro mobile VR headset. The company’s mission is: “Virtual Reality, Available for Everyone”

Learn more about Fibrum and their work in virtual reality here

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