StartApp’s New SODA Audience Segments Now Available

StartApp is happy to announce our newly revamped SODA Audiences, which include over 500 user segments. SODA Audiences are now available through The TradeDesk, ODC, Adobe, LiveRamp, and many other major data platforms.

Creating Niche Audiences

Using 1st party data from over 600,000 mobile apps and 1.5 billion global mobile users, we build dynamic audiences using a multi-signal approach. To create our SODA Audiences, our data science team combs through and analyzes hundreds of device signals like:

StartApp Data Signals

Using our deep understanding of mobile user behavior, we adapt these signals into precise audiences based on information such as demographics, interests and affinities, life-trigger events, purchasing behavior, and more.

StartApp SODA Audience data is based on trusted sources, including our SDK which is integrated with mobile app publishers. StartApp does not collect any personally identifiable information, only anonymous data and mobile device signals, tied to device advertising identifiers. StartApp is a member of the IAB and GDPR certified.

Our New Audiences

Partners and data buyers can now access and use over 500 of our pre-built audience segments, or contact us to create custom-made segments, through the DMP of their choice. Advertisers and agencies can activate SODA Audiences to supplement existing data, expand reach, and maximize KPIs. Our audiences serve these core verticals: Demographics, Telecommunications, Travel, Entertainment, Retail, Lifestyle, Consumer Technology, and more.

Use StartApp SODA audiences to target in-app users by IDFA or Android Advertising ID. Mix and match segments, or create custom segments that best suits your advertising needs. For example:

  • Use our Family Flag segments to target new moms and dads with special offers
  • Use our travel segments to target business international travelers, or vacation seekers
  • Find users who shop at your competitors’ stores

Get Started

To use our audiences, simply head over to your favorite DMP or data marketplace and look for StartApp, or contact us for more information!

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