StartApp SODA Audiences: Everything You Need to Know

At StartApp, we know mobile. With over 9 years of experience in the mobile industry and a database of over 1 billion mobile users, we have unparalleled insight into mobile consumers and their behavior. Through StartApp SODA Audiences, we are able to package this knowledge and insight into mobile audience segments for brands and businesses in any industry. Below is everything you need to know about SODA Audiences and how to get started with using our data:

How are StartApp SODA Audiences put together?

All of our data comes from our own database, which is a compilation of data from over 600,000 apps from across the globe that partner with StartApp through our StartApp SDK.

Each SODA Audience is built using what we call a “multi-signal approach”. This means our data classification model combines multiple data points from our database including device information, apps, location signals, WiFi, Bluteooth, cellular networks, and more.

What types of audiences are available?

We currently have over 500 pre-packaged audiences, created especially for brand and business needs.

With SODA Audiences, data buyers can find almost any combination of demographics, activities, or behavior because our audiences are based on diverse groupings of signals.

Our demographic audiences are grouped on basic demographic information such as age and gender, as well as language spoken. We also build premium demographic segments which include information on family flags, education levels, and financial ability. For example:

  • With our Family Flag segments, brands can reach moms and dads with special offers for back to school time!

We also offer segments based on a variety of behaviors, interests, and activities such as travel, shopping, food, entertainment, hobbies, sports, games, and more. For example:

  • When gearing up for prime travel seasons, use our travel audience segments to plan your campaigns. You can find audiences by destination, airline brand, OTA, hotel brand, and more!
  • Looking for car buyers? Our automotive segments are available by brand and car types – find the audience that you are looking for!

Where can I find StartApp SODA Audiences?

StartApp partners with the top data platforms in the industry. Data buyers can find over 500 audiences on ODC, TheTradeDesk, Adobe, LiveRamp, Lotame, AppNexus, and more.

Do you offer custom segments?

Data buyers can contact our team directly, or via the DMP of their choice, and pre-order a custom made segment to best suit their campaigns’ needs.

What makes StartApp SODA Audiences different?

First, all our data is first-party data from our proprietary SDK and our direct partnerships with mobile publishers. This is premium, top-quality data that data buyers can trust.

Second, we have a database of over 1 billion mobile users from across the globe. This means we can work with businesses and brands in any region to help them reach their target consumers.

Third, our data is backed by StartApp’s extensive insights into the mobile industry and the mobile consumer. Our team can help any brand or business meet their data and campaign objectives.

What about GDPR and privacy?

We take privacy extremely seriously.

StartApp is 100% GDPR compliant. Data buyers can be confident that StartApp follows strict privacy policies according to all relevant data privacy and protection regulations.

As a member of the IAB, we also work closely with all players in the industry to address and ameliorate privacy concerns.

You can find more information on our privacy policy and our GDPR FAQs.

How can I learn more?

You can contact us at any time! We’re happy to answers any questions you may have about SODA Audiences.

For custom audiences, you can also reach out to us through the DMP of your choice.


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