StartApp is OpenRTB Certified


We’re happy to announce that StartApp has been certified for the OpenRTB protocol by the IAB!

This certification shows that we not only use the OpenRTB protocol, but we have implemented it according to the strict standards set by the IAB which promote consistency, transparency, and integration compatibility.

We’re proud to become just the second company in the world to receive this certification.

In case you are unfamiliar, OpenRTB’s mission is to foster growth and innovation in the real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace through open industry standards for communication between the buy and sell sides of the advertising marketplace.

The standards set by the OpenRTB project ensure that all parties can transact RTB efficiently and at scale.

What does this mean for you?

Using the OpenRTB protocol, we are able to make sure your campaigns are being shown to the right user within moments of an ad request.

After receiving an ad request in real time, we begin evaluating the quality of the user based on the data we receive and the data from our database of over 1 billion mobile users.  This lets us determine the optimal bid & select the right campaign to serve – all in a matter of milliseconds.

The efficiency and transparency of OpenRTB not only helps maximize ROI on ad campaigns but also helps optimize campaigns to improve overall performance.

The programmatic ad space is growing faster than almost any other part of the mobile ad industry. As more advertisers look to programmatic to advertise more efficiently and as more publishers begin opening their traffic to programmatic, it is becoming imperative for DSPs and SSPs to adopt universal standards.  Without them, RTB will not live up to its potential.

StartApp firmly believes in establishing and following global RTB standards to support high-quality advertising that not only increases ROI for advertising & publisher partners but that also provides high-quality experiences for end users. We look forward to continuing to work with the IAB Tech Lab to uphold these standards

You can read more about OpenRTB & the OpenRTB certification here

To learn more about StartApp’s ad platform and RTB capabilities, click here or contact us at

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