StartApp Custom Audiences Drive Interest In A Major University Graduate Program

With so much competition in every market, companies and advertisers are searching for ways to more effectively reach and engage relevant audiences. In 2018, over half of all internet traffic came from mobile, and that number is set to rise with every passing year. That’s why targeting audiences on mobile must be a staple of every marketing strategy, and luckily, with the right tools and data, you can achieve truly impressive results. 

We saw this recently with a mobile ad campaign on the StartApp network, designed to drive traffic to a university program’s website and generate interest in its MBA program among a specific audience of mobile users. 

StartApp helped the client achieve this with custom audiences that pinpointed the most relevant mobile users for the campaign, and the results were truly inspiring.

A University Was Looking for More Students: How StartApp Helped Make that Happen

The challenge came to StartApp via LevLane Advertising Agency, who were working on a campaign for a major university situated in the East Coast of the USA. The university wanted to drive interest in its MBA program, and they were interested in targeting specific business-oriented audiences who would potentially be interested in an advanced Master’s degree. The specific goal was to increase the number of requests for more information received by the university. These warm leads would provide the perfect opportunity to attract potential students to enrol in the course.

LevLane started by requesting that the StartApp team create custom target audience segments that fit two key profiles of potentially interested leads: college students, and people aged 24 to 34 who demonstrate interest in business related topics. How can such specific pinpointed target audiences be customized, accurately, on a massive mobile ad network? That’s the StartApp secret sauce.

How StartApp Created Custom Audiences for a US University

Unlike other mobile data providers, StartApp’s SODA technology is based on a multi-signal approach that allows for a far more fine-tuned audience creation method. StartApp takes into account hundreds upon hundreds of mobile device signals, including location data, network data, such as call, carrier and WiFi signals, type of device, apps on device and so many more. This deep cross-section of data is what enables the StartApp SODA team to develop rich audience segments tailored very specifically to the needs and requests of the client.

In developing the custom audiences requested by LevLane, StartApp focused on two main areas: demographic data and app use. For example, in creating a custom audience of college students, they focused on signals from college-related apps, such as those used by students to check grades, view syllabuses and plan class schedules. For the business interested group of users aged 24-34, they focused on business style apps, like business journals and stock watchers. These are the types of apps used by people who are interested in business related topics. And they are also the people who might well consider enrolling in an MBA degree.

StartApp Results? A+ !

The custom audience-based campaign run by StartApp for LevLane on behalf of the US university was incredibly successful. StartApp’s data analysis identified a potential interested audience of over 50 million users, broken down into the following interest categories:

      • Grad Education and Self Improvement 4M users
      • Biz Apps and Interest 28M users
      • Online Education Interest 6M users
      • College Student Apps 14.6M users

The campaign ran for 6 months on Google’s DV360. Using StartApp’s custom audiences, the campaign achieved a CTR of 0.36%. The average campaign CTR on other networks for the same campaign was 0.14%.

StartApp’s custom audience fully doubled the CTR of the campaign, compared to other networks. That deserves a grade of A+!

Check out the full case study here.

StartApp SODA audiences worked for LevLane, and they can work for you too. The StartApp team can create any custom audience to fit your campaign. Want to find out more? Contact


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