StartApp Becomes 3rd Most Popular Android Monetization SDK


StartApp is again proud to share our standing Mobbo’s The State of Mobile Monetization report, released earlier this week. Mobbo’s report is a resource for app publishers and marketers looking for reliable benchmarks and insights into the top mobile SDKs. To compile the report, Mobbo – the most accurate SDK intelligence platform in the industry – analyzed over four million apps and over 1,000 SDK components from across Android and iOS from January through August 2017.

Take a look at StartApp’s rankings in each of Mobbo’s categories below:

Share of Voice

StartApp’s SDK ranks 4th in share of voice on Android and 7th in share of voice on iOS. When it comes to non-gaming apps exclusively, those rankings increase to 3rd on Android – behind only AdMob and FAN – and 4th for iOS.

When taken together, StartApp’s SDK is the 3rd most popular Android monetization SDK and the 4th most popular Android SDK overall.

90-Day Growth

StartApp’s SDK growth rate was 62.91% over the 90-day period.

Power Index Ranking:

In overall rankings, StartApp’s SDK ranked as #8 overall on Android and as #10 overall on iOS

In addition to ranking mobile SDKs, Mobbo also took a look at the mobile landscape to show the most popular monetization methods across operating systems. The results are eye-opening for both of the top operating systems:

On Android, Mobbo research shows that for mobile games, over 70% of apps using advertising of some kind, with over 21% containing in-app purchases, and almost 7% being behind the paywall. On iOS, those numbers are over 80% advertising, 11% in-app purchases, and over 17% behind the paywall.

For non-games on Android, over 63% use advertising, over 8% use in-app purchases, and 7% of non-games are paid. On iOS, 25% of non-games use advertising, only 4% contain in-app purchases, and over 19% are paid apps.

On Android, gaming apps used 3.64 SDKs on average and non-games used 2.82. On iOS the numbers were lower – only 2.73 SDKs were present on average for iOS games and 1.74 for non-games. In contrast to the average, the top publishers & apps use almost 10 SDKs per app across both operating systems.

You can read & download the full Mobbo State of Mobile Monetization report here

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