Spice Up Your Summer Holiday Campaigns with StartApp Audience Data (and Happy 4th of July!)

Across many consumer verticals, the Fourth of July is a huge reason to celebrate! Over the festive weekend, Americans spent over $7 billion on BBQs and entertaining in 2017. More than 30 million Americans were predicted to travel at least 50 miles from home during the holiday weekend in 2018, and people all over the country go crazy for patriotic merchandise, with $5 million spent in 2017 on US flags alone.

Summer’s All About Spending

But the Fourth of July is just the tip of the iceberg. Fact is, the summer months are a great opportunity to capture the general upswing in spending mood, and drive more revenue from your holiday marketing campaigns.

To do that, you need solid data to guide you. It means answering questions like these:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What are their interests?
  • How do they spend their money?

The clearer picture you have, the better you are able to finetune your ad campaign strategy over the lucrative summer vacation period.

Holiday Campaign Tips from StartApp Audience Data

The StartApp team is ready for summer and ready to help!

We mined our massive audience data collected from over 1 billion mobile devices to show you what’s on people’s minds in the summer. Here’s a few seasonal holiday audience recommendations that you can use to target your campaigns and optimize your results:

    • Hobbies \ Baking & Cooking:Think about the types of foods people enjoy at Fourth of July cookouts, picnics and parties. This hobbies segment is a highly popular one, with an audience base of 14M users who are enthusiastic about baking and cooking.
    • Travel \ Vacation Rentals: Target the popular consumer desire to “get away” over Fourth of July and the summer season and to get the best accommodation deals. Summer is high vacation season, and there are 1.5M users in this StartApp audience, who are interested in vacation rentals.  
    • Shopping \ Behavioral \ Food & Beverage: Party season is the perfect reason for dinner parties, cocktail parties, picnics, cookouts and ordering takeway. Not to mention that kids are on school holidays! Focus on food shopping and culinary themes when you can and tie it in to your advertising niche with 10.8M users who shop for food online. 
    • Shopping \ Behavioral \ Value Conscious: Where possible, tie your brand message to values that resonate with your target audience. Whether it’s the environment, social equality or family, use these emotion-laden concepts to entice your audience. According to StartApp data, some 12M users are motivated by value-driven shopping.
    • Sports \ Baseball: For US consumers, the baseball category is strong, with 950K users on the StartApp network showing interest in the sport. Use major baseball events and topics throughout the summer to grab your audience’s attention. Tap into the enthusiasm of families as they follow their favorite sport with associated ad headlines and images.
    • Sports \ Campers & Hikers: Summer holidays is prime time to target camping & hiking enthusiasts. As a more niche sports category, camping and hiking is popular among a focused audience of 1.5M on the StartApp network.
    • Demographics \ Family Flag \ Parents \ Moms Vs Dads: There are two people often at the center of family vacations and celebrations – Moms and Dads. Both categories get a strong audience, with 11.4M moms in US and 7.3M dads. Appeal to moms and dads in your holiday campaigns, or both if your offering is specifically suited to parents.

Summer is upon us, and with it comes vacations, celebrations and every reason to spend, spend, spend! For advertisers and marketers, it’s definitely the season to think about spicing up your ad campaigns and making the most of increased consumer enthusiasm.

There are many more valuable targeting insights available from StartApp Audience data. Don’t see exactly what you are looking for? Reach out to our Data team for specific custom audiences tailor made for your needs. Write us today at soda.info@startapp.com.


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