Six Weeks With StartApp




After wrapping up my second year in college, I started looking for my first college summer internship. After researching a few companies in New York City, I found that StartApp was the best fit for me, and closed the internship with them soon after.

The first day at the office I did not know what to expect. I had only met one person from the office, and I didn’t yet know what, exactly, my day-to-day responsibilities would include. However, I quickly realized that I was entering a very friendly and supportive office, filled with people who were there to help and who genuinely seemed to care about my opinions and ideas.

After that first day, where I met the entire office and learned more about everyone’s jobs and responsibilities, I began get a better sense of what was expected of me.  My supervisor Dana, the Director of Corporate Marketing, explained to me that I would take on several projects myself in addition to helping her and others in the company with any projects they needed help with.

I was lucky to find variety in my job and get the chance to work on different tasks and learn various skills. I got to experience different sides of the startup world and of the marketing world, and learn about where and how these two meet. For my ongoing projects, I had the opportunity to be involved in corporate event planning for the company, website and template building, technology research, all while working alongside people and companies of every type. Every day brought something new with it, another skill to learn and improve.

I was most excited for the opportunity I was given to write an op-ed article for the company to circulate with my name attached. This really showed me that StartApp truly trusted me and my judgment, and really invested in helping me develop and grow. After getting advice and perspective from Dana and Ariel, our Director of Virtual Reality, I am very proud of the final product.

I would never get such a unique and rewarding opportunity without StartApp. In general, looking back at this internship I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to intern for a company that truly valued my work and was eager to help me learn and grow. The combination of that and the receptiveness and good spirit that was always around in the office made my internship a great experience which I will not forget.

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