See Data The Way We Do: Data Poster Series

StartApp MWC Data Posters

As a mobile data and media company, we always try and find new and exciting ways to show the power of big data. Sometimes, it can be difficult to see the true insights that your business needs at the surface. Sometimes you need to dig a bit deeper.

That’s why we decided to show the power we generate from our SDK and use it to show how we can find insights that businesses need to make smart business decisions.

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Our data storytellers studied our SDKs data of a few popular applications. We took this information and created some gorgeous posters for our booth at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  However, they aren’t typical posters. Just like with data, when you look at them with the naked eye, it can be difficult to see the insights. When you use the special glasses, the true layers of the data are revealed, exposing the important insights.

Luckily, we created some videos for you so you can see the insights without the glasses.  Take a look below at the insights we have pulled for these top companies. Interested in getting similar insights for your app? Reach out to us or visit our website to learn more about SODA, our data platform.



startapp data poster spotify


startapp data poster nike


startapp data poster snap


startapp data poster airbnb



startapp data poster hbo


startapp data poster netflix


startapp data poster tinder

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