The Promise Of VR Advertising Is Coming Quickly



A recent Nielsen study found that 24 percent of consumers plan to purchase a VR device this year. While current usage is limited mostly to early adopters, as major companies work to utilize VR more, more content will come.

With a new form of content, however, comes a new form of marketing. That means advertising.

The Next Web explains:

Herein lies the opportunity to help both marketers and consumers.

Leaders in the VR/AR market say that while ads are inevitable, VR/AR offer an opportunity to make the experience better. As adoption grows, improving the advertisements has become a focus for VR/AR companies. Improvement is just the first step. VR/AR companies see an opportunity to consistently create ads that consumers actually enjoy.

Advertisers have an opportunity to actually let consumers experience both the products and emotions they are selling. Despite the limited adoption of VR/AR, these experiences are so engaging that they can go viral very quickly.

In other words, VR ads could potentially be so entertaining that consumers actually want to watch them, often not even recognizing them as ads. For instance, instead of telling consumers what it’s like to drive a new car, you could actually let them experience it firsthand.

That’s pretty cool.

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