Optimize Campaigns With StartApp’s App Presence Smart Targeting


When running a mobile campaign, effective, smart targeting is the most critical part of the equation for success.

To really take your campaigns to the next level, it is important to focus on targeting your campaigns to ensure that they are reaching the best users for your offer. This not only increases user engagement with your advertisement, but also increases the chance that a user will follow-through and complete your calls-to-action.

This is why StartApp has added App Presence Smart Targeting to our self-service advertising portal!

When you create a campaign on our portal, you can use App Presence targeting to target your campaigns on a user-level basis.

When App Presence is enabled, you can reach a more specific target audience by targeting your ads to appear only to users who have specific apps already installed on their devices.

For example, if you are running an offer for a casino app, you can use App Presence to target your campaign  to users who have the top grossing casino apps already installed on their phones. Because the users have similar apps installed, it shows that they are already interested in the type of offer you are trying to promote.

Compare this to running a campaign that only targets a specific app category. You can choose to present your campaigns exclusively in the “Casual Game” app category, but your offer may be shown to users who only play endless runner games or word games and who have no interest in using casino game apps.

By targeting on a user-level basis with App Presence, you help ensure that your campaign’s audience is already interested in your offer.

To learn more about our self-service advertising portal and how to implement App Presence Smart Targeting in your campaigns, visit our Knowledge Base or email us at support@startapp.com

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