Mobile Monetization: Choosing the Right SDK

sdk monetization

For any mobile app publisher, monetization is key. What are the right ways to introduce ads or pay opportunities without interrupting or compromising the user experience? Do you try to integrate an SDK? If so, which one?

This balance also can depend on the app’s function – say, gaming vs. dating. Clearly, the opportunities for securing the users’ attention will vary in each case. Moreover, how should publishers consider the SDK options, particularly when thinking about iOS vs. Android?

To help publishers better understand the landscape, Mobbo recently published The State of Mobile Monetization (full white paper can be downloaded here).

As Mobbo states: “To improve and ultimately perfect an app, marketers need to select the right SDKs – Software Development Kits. However, in today’s marketplace app developers are literally inundated with SDK choices, making it difficult to choose the best ones.”

To gain insights, Mobbo reviewed “a database of over 2 million analyzed apps, and 1,000 SDK components scanned across iOS and Android and all categories, making it the most in-depth study to date.”

One key insight: “This category is dominated by game centric monetization solutions as we can clearly see from the data with more SDKs being deployed in games, rather than in apps.”

StartApp is proud of its standing throughout the report:

  • StartApp’s SDK is integrated in 19.01% of total ad-supported Android apps
  • It’s growth rate in the last 90 days stands at 36.69 percent, placing the company ahead of key competitors
  • StartApp also ranks in the top 3 for holding the lowest SDK uninstall rate on iOS

The bottom line: In determining mobile monetization options, securing the right SDK is one of the key decisions any publisher can make.

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