Mobile Gaming Growth Continues, Fueled By Tech Advances

The top 52 app publishers were announced recently by App Annie, and the results provide useful insights for any mobile app publisher.

As PC Quest reports “With technological advances, mobile gaming has become increasingly sophisticated, taking advantage of improvements in display, processing, storage, interfaces, network bandwidth and operating system functionality.”

“The connected world of the Internet gives us the freedom and the ability to play games at a moment’s notice. Now we have smartphones, which are coming with increased RAM and more memory.”

As for regional growth, top publishers continue to be housed in AsiaPac. However, App Annie states that “when we look at the country breakdown, it’s clear that the United States and Japan are producing some of the most influential and successful publishers.”

Other notes from PC Quest:

  • “Mobile gaming’s lead widened globally in 2016 and mobile game spending was over 25% higher than PC/Mac gaming.”
  • “Rapid growth in a few key markets, most notably China and Japan has helped fuel mobile gaming’s ascent and over 60% of mobile game spending in 2016 occurred in Asia-Pacific.”
  • “Games represented over 80% of total worldwide consumer spend for combined iOS App Store and Google Play last year while accounting for roughly 35% of total worldwide downloads.”

The trend to watch: Will mobile gaming be dominated by single releases of highly-popular apps? Or, will the ability of publishers to leverage data insights and emerging (and improving) technologies allow them to increase growth marginally across a wider range of apps?

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