Why Mobile Advertising And Apps Work Together So Well


The rapid growth of mobile and increasing evidence that the app is a much preferred user experience is leading to increased focus on the part of traditional marketers who realize that they need to use this channel to fully engage today’s consumer.

TechCrunch explains:

Consumers engage at higher rates — at every step of the funnel — in a mobile app than they do on the mobile web (and even better than desktop), and convert at anywhere from 100 percent to 300 percent better than mobile web. Furthermore, according to a comScore study, app users spend more than three hours per month on the top 1,000 apps, which is 18x greater than what mobile web visitors spend on the top 1,000 web properties.

As more traditional marketers recognize the opportunity in engaging their consumers through apps, they’ll begin to move their advertising budgets. They will start to diversify their strategy and focus on converting their existing customers into new app users — and thus more engaged customers.

Tom Desaulniers highlights the two main reasons why in app advertising is growing so quickly:

Higher click-thru rates: “According to Medialets, the click-through rates for apps is 0.58 percent whereas mobile Web only has a 0.23 percent CTR. Another study showed that in-app ads perform 11.4 times better than normal banner ads, demonstrating why in-app ads are often superior. Given the high correlation between CTR with leads and conversions, this is one of the primary reasons companies need to be targeting users in-app.”

Better targeting: “Ads presented thorough in-app are displayed in the context of the app, which means they are more natural than ‘interruption’ ads typically seen in browsers.”


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