Infographic: Tracking Growth & Potential in VR


You may recall that we previously recorded a podcast with Stephanie Llamas, Director of Research and Consumer Insights and Head of VR+AR strategy at SuperData. She reviewed the challenges virtual reality faces in the coming years and what it will take for the new technology to go mainstream.

Stephanie recently released slides from a presentation titled “The Data Handbook: How to Predict – and Harness – VR’s Potential.”

  • The slides provide outstanding insights for anyone in the VR industry, from brands to hardware makers to content and software designers and beyond. Among the highlights:
    VR revenue will total almost $38B by 2020 — 20 times what it was in 2016
  • Slides 16 & 17 show where VR ranks in the life cycle of “Major U.S. Technology Adoption Rates by Household.” The takeaway: We’re still early, but get ready for the takeoff.
  • Who is the “American Virtual Reality User?” Males 18-34: 37%; Females 18-34: 26%; Males 35+: 23%; Females 35+: 14%. The presentation further breaks down usage by device.

Here is an infographic created by SuperData Research that incorporates some of the slides:

superdata VR infographic

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