5 tips to get your Campaigns Holiday Ready



The holidays are fast approaching.  The month of December is not only just a time for holiday cheer and family get-togethers.  It is also a great time for you to give your campaigns a bit of a boost.  Find some of our insight driven tips based on our data.

Target for Early Hours on Black Friday

Last year on Black Friday, we noticed that there was an increase in mobile traffic in  the US from the early morning hours until noon.  With the large number of people waiting in lines for their shopping to begin, it can be a great time for you to target your campaigns at this time.

Update to Special Holiday Themed Creatives

Inject a little holiday themeing into your campaigns by redesigning your creatives with more holiday themed elements.  Don’t have a designer?  No problem!  When you use rich text creatives in the StartApp portal, your app icon will automatically be added to one of our many new holiday templates:

Invest more budget

There is typically an increase in new device activation and an increase in traffic from new devices.  Now is a perfect time to invest additional budgets to try and generate new installs and active users.

Re-engage past users with holiday offers

This is a great time to re-target users that uninstalled or were active in the past but are now inactive.  Special offers made for your users will help them to reconsider installing your app and come back.

Use App Presence

Use your data insights to your own advantage.  There is an infinite number of ways to target your users.  Use our app presence targeting to target other apps your desired user has installed.    Do your users like to travel?  Optimize a campaign to target users with travel apps.  The possibilities are endless.

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