Which is More Effective: Mobile Web Ads or In-App Ads?

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When advertising on mobile, which ads are the most effective: mobile web ads or in-app ads? A new survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau has the answer. It’s both.

The study found that:

  • 47% of users took some sort of action after seeing in-app ads, compared to 45% on mobile web
  • 90% of mobile users recalled a mobile web ad after a few days, compared to 86% of those who viewed in-app ads
  • 11% of users clicked through on a mobile web ad, with 8% visiting the brand website
  • 13% of users clicked through on in-app ads, with 9% visiting the brand website

From an advertising perspective, these results are essentially equal. Advertisers can execute campaigns via both mobile channels and expect to see results either way.

eMarketer noted that a vast majority of a user’s time on mobile is spent in-app: 2h, 9 minutes per day compared to just 16 minutes on mobile web. Advertisers should keep this number in mind because this usage disparity between mobile web and mobile app should help inform overall campaign strategies. For example, mobile web users will be engaging with their browsers for only a short time. Any paths to complete an action via your ad should be streamlined and easy to complete quickly or any calls-to-action should redirect to a mobile application instead of another browser page.


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