Dmexco: By the Numbers

dmexco by the numbers

Every year, thousands of people in tech, marketing, advertising, and more venture to Germany to attend the Dmexco conference. This year was no different!

Dubbed the year of “Lightening the Age of Transformation”, this year’s conference brought innovators and big players from all over the industry to share their expertise on the digital economy and how they adjust to rapid changes while always keeping the end user in mind. StartApp was proud to join everyone this year to share our insights about mobile and the mobile economy.

Here’s a quick look at Dmexco by the numbers:

  • 2 Days
  • 40,700 Attendees
  • 1,100 Exhibitors
  • 39 Countries Represented
  • 570+ Speakers

And a quick look at StartApp at Dmexco by the numbers:

  • 1 StartApp booth

startapp at dmexco: booth

  • 10 members of the StartApp team

startapp at dmexco: team

  • 200 liters of beer

startapp at dmexco: beer

  • 1 tattoo station

startapp at dmexco: tattoo station

  • 1 tattoo artist

startapp at dmexco: tattoo artist

  • 210 tattooees

startapp at dmexco: tattoos


See you all again next year!

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