Decoding Generation Z: The True Digital Natives

A new study by ContentSquare has shed new light on the mobile behavior of Generation Z, the generation that is now just finishing up high school and entering college.

Generation Z is notable for those working in the digital industry because it is the first generation of “digital natives”, or consumers who have no personal reference to a pre-internet society. Marketers have long been trying to figure out how this generation interacts in digital spaces, especially on mobile. The study by ContentSquare reveals a few very notable things (excerpts via Mobile Marketer):

  • Gen Z converts about twice as much on mobile than any other demographic

  • 60% of Gen Z will not use an app or website that is too slow to load and 62% won’t use an app if it’s difficult to navigate

  • Gen Z shoppers view 62% more pages during a browsing session than other demographics and bounce 51% less of the time

  • 61% cite secure storage and protection of personal data as an important factor, as well as clear terms and conditions (43%) and a clear explanation of what data will be collected and for what purpose (39%)

StartApp’s Head of Digital Content, Caitlin Gutekunst, also offered some insight about this new generation:

“Given that the incoming generation of consumers is true digital natives, brands will find them to be a highly engaged and rewarding audience to attract”

Generation Z is also much more active on social & messaging apps than previous generations, meaning brands will need to adapt their mobile strategies. Gen Z also, as evidenced above, reacts extremely negatively to poor user experiences meaning that brands and marketers need to think first about the quality of the digital experiences that are offering.

Mobile Marketer offers an example:

“Some retailers are already seeing the benefits of a good mobile marketing strategy, with Sephora using mobile apps to advertise limited-edition content, allow customers to try on makeup through augmented reality and even give customers a platform to schedule in-store appointments through.”

Gen Z is already changing traditional views on how to operate in the digital & mobile space. As more of Gen Z becomes independent consumers, brands would be wise to begin thinking of mobile-first, innovative, and attention-grabbing ways of interacting with this new generation.

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