How Big Data May Help Elect The Next President


Tech Republic notes that some of the best digital advertising innovations come from presidential elections.

The reason is simple: If you’re a voter, you are a target market.

The ability to model and transform big data into useful tools has emerged as one of the most ubiquitous technology trends of the 2016 election. To get out the vote, behind the scenes in campaigns up and down each ticket, workers and volunteers deploy sophisticated tools to reach voters with relevant messages and advertisements.

Large scale automation is at the core of online audience acquisition. Targeted Victory is a technology platform that makes big data useable by campaign workers in the office and on the ground. Launched in 2009 as a political fundraising and donation tool, the company now develops a suite of tools—including a programmatic advertising system, an email marketing engine, and a traffic exchange market—that help big brands and political clients target-market messages at digital audiences.

Many of these advances make their way into traditional consumer markets.

For more, see Ad Week: Hillary Clinton’s digital staff gives six marketing lessons learned from this bizarre election.

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