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It’s been only a few months since the official launch of the Samsung Gear VR – the $99 headset that made it possible for everyone to experience the power of VR. Now, all you need is a Samsung phone and the Gear VR headset (built in partnership with Oculus, creators of the Oculus Rift) and you are transported into Samsung’s immersive universe.

In the short time since the Gear VR launch, there have been hundreds of games, apps, and experiences that have popped up in the Samsung/Oculus store – ranging from watching movies and TV through swimming with whales and going all the way to space combat. It’s been a hell of a ride, and it’s exciting to imagine how this medium will look in a few years, especially with this first iteration looking SO impressive.

So, here are our 5 favorite Gear VR apps that have arrived since launch –

1. Land’s End ($4.99)

Developer ustwo, known for their unique design style and award winning game “Monument Valley”, have created a game experience that really transports you to a different world. Land’s End is a hands-free puzzler, where you roam a mysterious island solving puzzles along the way. The minimalist design and sound really set a beautiful, almost therapeutic, atmosphere, and the hands-free control are a fantastic example of how to build a great VR user experience and gameplay.

2. Colosse (Free)

Colosse is a beautiful, enchanting experiment in storytelling inside a VR environment. It’s a passive experience where the viewer simply watches the story unfold in front of him with no interaction taking place. The great animation and beautiful surroundings do a fantastic job at immersing you in the story, and there is a truly new sensation of being a part of the tale even though you are a passive viewer.

3. Bait! ($2.99)

Bait! is a fishing game (a super popular genre) set in a great VR setting. The premise is simple – pick up your rod, and head out to the lake. With a set of very simple controls, you can cast, reel and catch a variety of fish. You can upgrade your gear in the in-game store, and explore different locations to complete different goals. While it offers less of a sensation of true immersion than some other titles, it’s just so much fun to cast and catch those big fish in VR!

4. AltSpaceVR (Free)

VR is often regarded as a solitary experience; you’re enclosed in an alternative environment, completely blocked from the real world, and any type of “human” interaction is usually done with AI characters inside the experience. AltspaceVR will challenge this traditional view of VR. They built a social VR platform where people from all over the world can meet, talk and interact with one another. You can watch a standup comedy show, music, take part in a bar-quiz and more. Build an avatar and go “meet” other people.

5. Oculus Video (Freemium)

Oculus Video will place you in a movie theater settings (or on the moon, if you prefer) to watch a movie on an iMax-sized screen. It is such a convincing experience that you might even try and reach into your popcorn bag  after a few minutes! There is already a pretty impressive title selection available, and if you prefer to skip the lines at the movie theater, this one is definitely for you!

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