The Apple App Economy Is Enormous


In the first decade of the iPhone, Horace Dediu estimates Apple has now paid in excess of $60 billion to iOS developers through the App Store, with the rate of payment now over $20 billion annually.


Even more striking is that many “mobile-first” or “mobile mainly” businesses are not included in this estimate. Companies such as FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tencent, YouTube, Yahoo, NetEase, Pandora Radio, Google Search, Baidu, Google Maps, Gmail, Instagram, Amazon, eBay,, Alibaba, Priceline, Expedia, Salesforce and Other Enterprise Software, Ride Sharing Apps, AirBnB and many other services which monetize independently of the App Store.

When you include these companies, Dediu estimates that the cumulative revenues enabled by iOS across these businesses have exceeded $500 billion, with a rate of revenue soon to reach an astonishing $300 billion a year.


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