5 Best Practices For Designing Mobile Ad Campaigns


Think about the best mobile ads you have ever seen. They were probably interactive, animated, bright, and drew you in without you even noticing. When deciding to run a mobile ad campaign, most mobile advertisers hope to recreate those top-tier ad experiences. However, most mobile advertisers don’t have a team of designers behind them to create and test and plan out a high-quality campaign. Without these resources, mobile advertisers can fall into a trap of creating mobile campaigns with creatives that negatively impact their overall campaigns goals.

While we can’t turn you into expert UI designers overnight, we can give you some basic tips for creating successful campaign designs. Taking just a few extra minutes to optimize your campaign can both keep you from wasting campaign funds and help you increase user engagement without needing to break the bank on an expensive design company.

Color Schemes:

The most basic rule of thumb for designing mobile ads is avoiding bright text colors on a dark background. For the ad background, choose a vivid color but keep it light and not overpowering. For the text color, make sure it complements the background color and is still easy enough for the average eye to read. Have no idea what colors go together? No problem! Check out this handy guide

Double-Check For Mistakes

Although it may not seem like a big deal to you, there are many mobile users who will have a negative experience with an advertisement that has typos, image distortions, or has elements that don’t fit in the ad space. Before you hit ‘submit’ on your campaign, double-check every single thing in your creatives. Are your images pixelated? If you translated the text into a different language, did you have a native speaker review it? Editing the image to be (nearly) perfect will take more time, but it will pay off in the long run in terms of results.

Clear And Convenient CTAs [Calls-To-Action]

Adding a call-to-action to a mobile ad is pretty easy; just place a simple “Learn More” or “Download” button near the center or bottom of the ad. The real problem for mobile advertisers arises on the mobile landing page (if the page does not lead to the app stores). Do an extensive review of your landing page to make sure that the steps that the user needs to take are clear and concise. Need the user to register or subscribe to something? Put the form right at the top of the page. Showcasing a specific product on your website? Direct the user automatically to that product’s page. Want the user to watch a video? Make sure it is the first thing that the user sees.

Put yourself in the user’s shoes in order to picture the user journey.

A/B Test

Though it will take more of your time, try to create multiple versions of your ad campaigns. Use different colors, different text, and different images. This way, when the campaigns go live, you can see in real-time which campaign is performing better.

If users are responding more to one campaign over the other, you can use that feedback later when creating new campaigns.

Be Honest And Respectful To Users

This is the most basic best practice, but also the most important. Don’t try to deceive users or trick them into engaging with your campaign. Not only will this anger your potential users and leads, but it will also get you kicked off any ad network or service that you are using.

Ensure that the following is true: 1) the message in your creative matches the message on your landing page 2) there are no elements in your ad creative that would trick the user into thinking they are closing the ad 3) the text in your creative and/or landing page does not trick the user into thinking that there is something wrong with their phone

Will your ads be the best-designed thing that a user has even seen? Probably not. But having a clean, clear, concise, and truthful advertisement will do more for your campaign results than you may think.

And when users have a positive initial experience with your company or brand, they are more likely to either return to your product/service or stick around as a loyal customer. First impressions are everything!

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