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Everything You Need to Know About StartApp

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What is StartApp?

StartApp is a Mobile Advertising Platform aiming to deal with the two main concerns of the mobile industry today: the monetization challenge that application developers face when trying to generate substantial revenue from their applications, and application distribution – earning a substantial number of downloads worldwide.

So what is your monetization solution?

We have a variety of innovative products which serve the purpose of sharing the revenue earned from our advertising partners with our developers. Our entire range of products is designed to provide the developer with substantial revenue, while keeping an optimal user experience. Our Payment model is Revenue Share – continuous earnings based on the performance of your apps

Is it free to join StartApp?

Yes. Any app developer can sign up, pick up our SDK and start enjoying higher revenue at absolutely no cost. No matter where you're from, what sort of app you have or how many downloads you are seeing, our solution fits all applications!

How does it actually work?

We supply you with an SDK (including a step by step integration guide). Integrating our products takes about 3 minutes! Once integrated, you may update your app in the application stores.

Which mobile OS does StartApp support?

Our solution is currently available for the iOS and Android platforms.

What permissions does the StartApp SDK add to my app?

Each of our SDKs requires specific permissions.

How much do you pay?

Revenue share – This means that we pay you a substantial part of what we are earning from advertisers in return for the ads shown in your application. The more times they are shown and the higher the interaction from your users – the more money you will earn at the end of the month.

Is StartApp compliant with the Google Ad Policy?

Yes, StartApp’s Android SDKs are 100% compliant with all of Google's required guidelines. StartApp constantly works with security companies such as TRUSTe and Lookout to make sure we are setting the bar high for security in the industry.

How often do you pay and how can I get my money?

We calculate the revenue generated on your account at the end of each calendar month. We will pay you on a net 30 basis in your preferred method: eCheck, wire transfer, PayPal, paper check, or ACH (US Developers Only)

I am using other ad networks in my application. Can I still work with StartApp?

Of course. You can keep your current ads and have StartApp at the same time.

What is an Exit Ad?

This is a beautiful full page interstitial, which is displayed to your users when they are ready to exit your application via the ‘back’ button. This specific point in your application holds a key to successful monetization – showing an ad upon exit keeps the user experience exactly as you designed it with an additional advantage; at this point your users are ready for their next activity upon their device, making it an optimal point for ad interaction.

What is a Native Ad?

With native ads, you can show ads in any context inside of your app. Embed advertisements within the content of your app, creating a seamless experience for your users and removing boundaries to generate more clicks.

What are Interstitials?

Full page ads, which you can choose to integrate within various parts of your application. You could choose to present the ad when the user is exiting your settings page, between levels of a game and more.

What is a Slider?

Intuitive sliding Banner which shows offers and applications appealing to your users

What is Splash?

An ad showing while your application is loading.

What is a 3D Ad?

This is our revolutionary ad type which provides the user with a beautifully designed interactive ad. This is your way of integrating cutting edge technology in all aspects of your application. Read more about this ad type on our blog

What will my users get?

Your user will receive one or more of the following: Ads in your app (interstitial, banner or exit), side bar and homepage leading to our search portal.

I'm in! What's the next step?

Click here for our signup page, follow the registration and pick up our SDK. You'll soon find out just how good our solution is.

How do I opt out?

To opt out, please contact us at: