Podcast: What’s Next in Virtual Reality from Publishing to Monetization

We frequently hear that Virtual Reality is the next big thing. From immersive storytelling to shopping and product demos to the ability to engage and stir emotions, VR is on everyone’s digital radar.

But like any other new technology, there’s promise and then there’s reality. VR very well might be the next big thing, but as with any big things, there will be winners and losers. So to be the former and not the latter, what do you have to know?

The Interactive Advertising Bureau and its Mobile Marketing and Digital Video Centers of Excellence recently released a new report “Is Virtual the New Reality?: A Market Snapshot of VR Publishing and Monetization.”

They talked with two dozen leading voices in advertising, publishing, VR software, and developer platforms to learn the key takeaways, key lessons, and future plans in the emerging VR field.

Among the questions:

  • What are VR’s Strengths and Opportunities?
  • What are the Weaknesses and Threats?
  • How is Success Measured?
  • And what do VR Experts Predict for the Next 24 Months?

To find out, we tracked down one of the authors.

Eric John is Senior Director, Mobile and Video at IAB. He is also co-author of the new report: “Is Virtual the New Reality: A Market Snapshot of VR Publishing and Monetization.”