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Unique Solution to Monetize Android Apps

Our unique solution allows Android developers to make money from their apps without embedding in-app ads and without interfering with the user experience. Advertisements embedded in apps don't tend to perform well and they can also detract from the experience of end users. Our unique solution allows Android developers to add a search access points with their own app and earn higher revenue per download. As an Android app developer you will keep the user experience smooth and positive. With our solution the user experience is not impacted as it is with traditional advertising such as in-app ads. We provide Android developers with higher revenues than any other mobile ad network.

Get Paid for Every App Download - $50 for 1,000 U.S. Downloads

We guarantee payment for every app download. With our search solution Android developers monetize 100% of installs. We base our payment on your app downloads - you get paid for each download generated with our SDK inside. There are 2 integration levels available - Full and Partial. The payment depends on the integration level you choose. On Full - we pay $50 per 1,000 unique U.S. installs and $10 per 1,000 unique installs from any other country. On Partial – we pay $40 per 1,000 unique U.S installs and $8 per 1000 unique installs from any other country. So an Android developer can potentially earn $50 for 1K U.S. downloads.

Be Part of Our 100M Downloads

We recently hit a major milestone by serving up our 100 millionth download. We are proud to have 2,500 apps downloaded more than 100,000,000 times by consumers who are using our advertising SDK. Join our Android developer clients and start earning money on your Android app.

Transparency to Users

We believe in user transparency and we are introducing a new EULA, which informs users that they will also be getting the search access point through StartApp. Users can also easily delete the search app with one click at any time. We have received extremely positive responses from users of apps who have integrated our SDK.

Complementary to Existing Ad Units

Our solution can be used in parallel with any other ad units. You can keep your current in-app ads and have StartApp at the same time. But since we offer significantly higher revenue, you can choose to offer your users a clean, ad-free application, and enjoy greater revenue.

Easy and Fast Integration

Integration of our SDK is very easy and takes less than 10 minutes. The SDK has been thoroughly tested in the field. The integration is very simple and has been completed successfully and smoothly by all of our Android developer clients, but we will also supply you a step-by-step implementation guide. Integrating our product takes 5 minutes - we timed it! Once integrated, update your app on the market and add our disclaimer text to your app description.

Safe and Trusted

Our search partners are industry leaders and we hold the highest standards of privacy. We are certified by "VeriSign" and TRUSTe.

How Do I Get Started?

Please sign up with us and fill in the form to obtain access to the Android developer dashboard. From there simply click "Add App" and begin the SDK integration. For any questions please contact us at